Monaco Estates

Unapproved Monaco Estates Homeowners Association Minutes
Budget Meeting..…..Eau Gallie Public Library…....September 30, 2013

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Rob Ellison. Present were President Rob Ellison, Treasurer Scarlett Huber, and Secretary Diane Janowsky.  Kathy Watts represented Dragon Property Management.
Property Manager’s Report:  The HOA received almost the full accrued payment owed from a lien the Board put on a foreclosed home.  It was a little over $1,000.00.

Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made by Diane Janowsky to approve the minutes from March 25, 2013 Organizational Meeting.  Scarlet Huber seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously.

New Business 

 Board Changes:  President Rob Ellison explained the new Board's configuration.  Former President Ben Plechaty resigned due to an addition to his family.  A plea was put forth for someone to serve on the Board.  The Property Manager will send the homeowner who responded, Ms. Putnam, the necessary paper work.

 Budget:  Questions were asked and answered. Monies were added for Palm and Tree trimming along Stewart Road and the Entrance which was last done 2 years ago. The Aquatic Maintenance procedure was explained, and that some monies were put aside for fountain changes.  It was noted that the homeowners association fees will remain the same as last year at $240.  However, if any new tasks are to be undertaken, the annual fee would have to raised.  Diane Janowsky made a motion to approve the 2014 proposed budget and Rob Ellison seconded it.  It was approve by majority vote.

Old Business

 Fountains: Vote forms were sent out to homeowners to help the Board make the decision about whether or not to convert the two inoperable fountains to one, keep two, or do away with both entirely.  The majority of votes showed that homeowners wanted to keep the 2 fountain arrangement.  The Board received 3 bids for an on-shore pump/filter system that would be easier to maintain and not have the expensive maintenance costs of the old submergible pump/filter fountain system that had stopped working completely 2 years ago.  A contract would show a first year free maintenance.  Mrs. Putnam indicated that her husband was knowledgeable about fountains and will be contacted to meet with the Board in the Spring when they discuss with the supplier the installation.  Reserves will be used to cover costs over budgeted amount.

Open Discussion: 

 Violations & Vandalism:  There is an increase in renters to the community, and the Board was asked who is responsible if the exterior of the home isn’t kept up-to-par; especially the lawn.  Violations notices are sent to both the renter and the homeowner and it is the homeowner's responsibility to see that these are resolved.

An article will be put in the next newsletter to try to stem the problem of dog owners not cleaning up their dog's excrement left in neighbors' yards.  It seems as if the problem has increased with the number or renters in the community.

Recently, a row of mailboxes were knocked down during the night by unknown persons in a moving vehicle.  The incident was reported to the police.  It was noted that this has happened in the past.

 Land/Ditch behind the Townhouses:  Ms. Kathy Mochen noted that kids use the area; playing in the water making bridges, etc. and just hanging out.  Also drug dealers hang out there, meeting in the middle of the night, under cover of darkness. They find access through a broken fence section of the townhouses, or from Avocado Avenue, or from the Maderia Circle entrance.  Police have been called, but the problem continues.  The city will not install a street light there.  Installation of a solar light by the homeowner (as the HOA doesn’t have a responsibility for street maintenance or lighting) and a no trespassing sign were some solutions mentioned.

Ditch sludge has built up over the years and one homeowner's contact with the City as to dredging it has not gotten results.  However, the recent clearing by the HOA and the City of Melbourne has water flowing very well.  An inch or two of ponding is occurring in a couple of places as should be expected.

A committee was formed, chaired by Ms. Mochen and Ms. Putnam, to contact the City and the Townhouses to request help with maintenance.  A report will be requested at the next HOA meeting. The Property Manager will also attempt to meet with the Townhouse Management to discuss shared maintenance since they also use the ditch.

  Fall Community Sale:  It will be lengthened to 2 days to be the 11th and 12th of October from 8 to 2 each day.  A notice will be put on Craig's List, as well as, a sign at the front entrance before the sale days.

Next Meeting:  Annual Meeting in the spring (March) at Eau Gallie Public Library.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 and unanimously approved. 

Respectfully submitted,   
Diane Janowsky, Secretary/Treasurer