Hidden Harbor

Hidden Harbor Owners’ Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

held on November 13th, at 6:00 P.M., in the onsite Clubhouse


1. Call to order & Establishment of Quorum of Owners:

 The meeting was called to order by President Richard Marquis.  Treasurer/Secretary Sam Bovalino and Directors Ken Lewis and Robert Philbrook were also in attendance.  Mr. Lewis and Mr. Philbrook participated via conference call.  Director Frank Caratenuto was unable to attend.   There were five unit owners in attendance and Karen Auth from Reconcilable Differences, Inc. was also in attendance.  With a quorum of Board members established, the meeting continued.


2. Approval of Minutes from October 30th Members’ Meeting:

Bob Philbrook motioned to approve the minutes.  Sam Bovalino seconded the motion.  All were in favor. 

Management stated the Association could save postage if we waited and mailed both the October 30th minutes and the minutes from tonight’s meeting, once approved, out with the 60 day notice of the annual members meeting which must be mailed by November 21st.  All Board members agreed to the combined mailing.   


3. Financial Report:

Sam reported that as of the end of October the Association is operating approximately $5,000 dollars under budget for the month of October and approximately $36,000 dollars, year to date.  Sam further noted that the Association has approximately $10,000 dollars in prepaid owner assessments.   An owner and former Treasurer recommended the Treasurer check with the CPA on any tax liabilities relating to excess retained earnings.  Management noted an account (Unit 610) in arrears greater than 60 days.  The owner has responded, to the certified letter mailed by the Management office stating the account must be brought current, with a promise to bring the account current within the next two weeks.  The Board unanimously agreed to give the owner until the end of November to bring the account current or it will be turned over to the attorney to begin collection proceedings.  Dick Marquis motioned to accept the financial report as given.  Bob Philbrook seconded the motion.  All were in favor. 


4. Maintenance:

Subcontractor assistance for Ted (temporary)

Management reported having followed up on a request from the Treasurer to consider hiring a temporary person to assist Ted in the day to day responsibilities so that some of the project work can get completed.   Ted had hoped his previous helper could be of assistance but this individual is no longer available.  Management reported having met with Ted and Dick Marquis to discuss priorities and estimate timeframes for the project work, especially the re-caulking/sealing of the porches and balconies, which must be done.  It was Ted’s belief that the irrigation system is barely holding its own and the system must be flushed out as soon as possible.  He is willing to work extra hours in the evening to accomplish this task.  He estimates the job will take 36 hours to complete and he is willing to accept regular pay versus overtime pay to complete this work.  He said it would save time if someone wanted to volunteer to assist him at the pump house.  The Board had no objections to the extra hours.  Management asked if anyone was interested in volunteering to assist Ted with this maintenance.  Ted plans to do this work between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday until completed.  Sam volunteered to assist on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and Barbara Ursin (702) volunteered to assist on the other days.   Barbara Ursin asked if the Board would be willing to hire her as a temporary helper for Ted.  Dick Marquis asked for input from the Board.  No objections were heard.  Management will meet with Barbara to discuss job duties and responsibilities and an estimated start date. 


Management reported that Ted has estimated 3 hours to re-caulk/seal each balcony/porch.   Management recommended putting a schedule together, much like what was done for all other projects, and Board members or owners  can volunteer where necessary to assist Ted in gaining access to the units if owners are not home on the scheduled date of service.   The owners of the first floor units can be asked to make sure their porch doors are unlocked on the date their porch is scheduled.  The Board had no objections to establishing a schedule for this work to be done.  Management will establish the schedule with input from Ted and send it out to the Board. 


Lastly, Management reported there was a great deal of damage done to the irrigation system over the past weekend.  One of the main lines bringing water to the system was ripped out of the ground at the pump house.   The pipe had wires that were attached to the control panel and thus wiring going to many of the zones was ripped off the panel.  Many of the irrigation heads in the area were stuffed with rocks and dirt.  It was not known who did the damage.   Fortunately Ted was able to put the system back together but it took him all day to repair the damage.  Owners were asked to keep their eyes open and to report any suspect behavior to the Management office.  The current irrigation system is old and it is not likely a replacement control panel would be available if the current one is broken.  It would be a major expense to the Association if the system had to be upgraded.    

b)  Putting up holiday decorations

Dick Marquis agreed to take the lead on helping Ted put up the holiday decorations after Thanksgiving.  Barbara Ursin, Lena Mancusso and Mary Ann Bovalino volunteered to assist.  Barbara also donated some holiday lights for use by the Association. 


5. New Business:

a) Approval of masonry/stucco contractor - exterior building repairs

Dick Marquis stated that three proposals were received in the amounts of $15,085 from Mike’s Masonry, $38.204 from Concrete Restoration, Inc. and $49,366 from Bonner Coating Systems, Inc. Management felt it would take a little more time, but we could definitely get each contractor to come back and give us more comparable bids.   Despite each bid calling for more or less square footage of area in need of repair, Dick Marquis felt that the proposal from Mike’s Masonry, if accepted, would take care of the major areas in need of repair located on the exterior porch/balcony side of the buildings. He had personally walked the property with this contractor and felt comfortable that the proposal received was an accurate reflection of the major work needing to be done.  Dick Marquis asked Board members, who were on speaker phone and unable to receive all three bids due to time constraints in receiving the bids from contractors, if they would prefer to hold off on the decision until they could review all of the bids.   Both Ken and Phil felt confident in Dick’s assessment of the situation.  Sam Bovalino motioned to accept the proposal from Mike’s Masonry of $15,085 dollars plus and additional 20% if necessary should the contractor find additional areas in need of repair during the restoration process.    Dick Marquis seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  Management would ask Mike’s Masonry for a formal proposal. 

b)  Maintenance of A/C units

Dick mentioned to the Board that there have been several incidents of water intrusion into units due to poor maintenance by the owner’s of their a/c condensate line.  Taking care of these problems consumes a lot of Ted’s time as the Association is responsible for mitigating any further damage.  He asked Board members for suggestions.  It was acknowledged that this maintenance is the responsibility of the owners and they are responsible for the damage they cause to other units.  Bob Philbrook stated that Kabran A/C usually provides a spring cleaning service.  Perhaps when this service becomes available a mail out or an announcement on the bulletin boards would encourage owners to sign up for the service.  He thought perhaps Kabran A/C might offer a volume discount.  No other suggestions were heard. 


6. Owner Input:

a)Shutter approval units 108,110 and 211

Sam Bovalino motioned to approve the installation of new shutters for units 108, 110, and 211.  Ken

Lewis seconded the motion.  All were in favor.    Dick Marquis did note that a deviation from the existing shutter specifications has been approved by the Board and Accordion type shutters were approved for installation over the balcony/porch sliding glass doors only. 


7. Schedule date for next meeting:

The Board agreed that unless business warrants there will be no additional board meetings this year.  The annual meeting will be held on January 23rd, 2008, at which time a new Board will be established. 


8. Adjournment:

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.   


Respectfully submitted,


Karen M. Auth, LCAM #28323, Community Association Manager

Board of Directors, Hidden Harbor Owners Assn., Inc.




Hidden Harbor Owners’ Association, Inc.

Minutes of the 2008 Budget/Members’ Meeting

held on October 30, 2007, at 6:00 P.M., in the onsite Clubhouse


1. Call to order & Establishment of Quorum of Owners:

The meeting was called to order by President Richard Marquis.  Treasurer/Secretary Sam Bovalino and Directors Frank Carotenuto, Ken Lewis and Robert Philbrook were also in attendance.  Mr. Lewis and Mr. Philbrook participated via conference call.  There were seven unit owners in attendance and Karen Auth from Reconcilable Differences, Inc. was also in attendance.  With a quorum of Board members established, the meeting continued.


2. Proof of meeting notice mailed to all owners and properly posted

Management affirmed an affidavit of mailing, of the notice of the meeting and proposed budget, has been filed in the Management Office with both having been mailed to all owners on October 1, 2007.  Management also confirmed having posted the notice of the meeting on all Association bulletin boards. 


3. Approval of Minutes from October 30th Member’s /2008 Budget  meeting:

Sam motioned to approve the minutes as mailed to all owners.  Frank seconded the motion.  All were in favor. 


4. Financial Report:

Sam reported that as of the end of September 2007, the Association is in excellent shape from a profit/loss perspective.  The Association is currently operating $30,000 dollars under budget which can be attributed to a lower than budget amount for the insurance renewal premium, insurance credits received after the insurance policy renewals and the decision not to upgrade the cable.    The Board may decide to use some of the excess operating funds to have an outside contractor complete some of the stucco and concrete repairs needed to get the buildings ready to paint.  Sam called for questions regarding the current financials.  None were heard.  Frank motioned to approve the financial report as given.  Richard seconded the motion.  All were in favor. 


5. Discussion and results of owner input to Waive Audit of 2007 Financials

Management reported that 35 owners have responded either in person or by proxy and 100% of those responding voted in favor of waiving the audit of the 2007 financial records in favor of a Review.  Sam opened the floor to questions from owners regarding the 2008 proposed budget.  No questions were heard.  


6. Board approval of 2008 Budget:

With no outstanding questions regarding the proposed 2008 Budget, Richard motioned to approve the proposed budget as mailed to the owners.  Robert seconded the motion.  The approved budget will reflect no change in the monthly assessment amounts.  The per unit/per month assessment for 3 bedroom units will remain at $394.00 dollars and the per unit/per month assessment for 2 bedroom units will remain at $350.00 dollars for the calendar year 2008. 


7. Maintenance Update:

Management reported having put together a composite listing of all the maintenance items outstanding for completion by onsite maintenance for the Board’s review.  She noted that the priority for maintenance over the summer has been owner reported problems first; followed by day to day maintenance duties, followed by items on the maintenance work list.  During the summer, Ted has worked with the landscaping contractor to clean out and trim up some of the overgrowth in the foliage as many were showing signs of rotted wood and some insect infestations.  As this is not an item the Association pays the landscaping contractor for, the landscaper is willing to do the trimming at no charge but Ted must do the clean up.  Irrigation maintenance is also a weekly, on-going maintenance item.  Ted is keeping up with repairs as needed to keep the system operational but much maintenance is needed.  Ted was kept rather busy this summer and although he was able to complete the major concrete work needed on the inside of the balconies; there are still repairs that need to be made.   As a reminder to the Board, Management also noted that Ted assumed responsibility for pool maintenance in September.   



8. Unfinished Business: (Shed replacement, gutter installation, dryer vent cleanout and annual meeting date change)

Management reported that all projects had been completed and that the date for the next annual meeting will be Wednesday, January 23, 2007, at 6:00 p.m.  An owner from building 3 (302) reported that the gutters over their stairway entrance does not extend the full length of the stairway and water is being pushed into the walls and running down the side of the walls.  Richard commented that these gutters were installed in 2005 and it was not known if this problem was unique to building 3 or prevalent throughout all buildings but would look into the matter.   Management stated that onsite maintenance has reported the gutters are filled with shingle debris and must be cleaned out so the water will flow properly. 


9. New Business:

a)  Ratify approval of emergency replacement clubhouse a/c compressor:

Sam motioned to approve the emergency installation of the new a/c compressor for the clubhouse.  Richard remarked that the compressor was very old, rusted and probably should have been replaced before now.  Frank seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

b)  Approval of Christmas Bonus for Onsite Maintenance:

Sam motioned to approve a $250.00 dollar Christmas bonus for onsite maintenance. He commented that this is Ted’s his first year with the Association and he has done a good job.  The Board can consider bonus increases in subsequent years.  Frank seconded the motion.   All were in favor.   Sam also asked if Board members approved of considering a .50 cent per hour increase for Ted as of January 1, 2008.  No objections were heard.  Sam motioned for this increase.  Frank again, seconded the motion.  All were in favor and several owners present expressed their positive opinions on Ted’s performance thus far. 


10. Schedule date for next meeting:

The date of Tuesday, November 13th, at 6:00 p.m., was set for the next Board meeting.  The Board hopes   to approve the contractor work required for the non structural stucco and wood repairs needed to the balconies/porches, prior to painting, at this meeting.  Management was asked to seek information from the Better Business Bureau on the most recent contractor who has submitted a proposal on this work.  Richard was asked to review the most recent proposal received and discuss issues of concern with the contractor.  Management was also asked to see if a third bid could be obtained for this work. 


11. Adjournment:

Prior to adjournment, the Board asked if there were specific concerns from the owners that needed to be addressed.  Those concerns are summarized below:

Owner in unit 608 asked the Board and Management to review the literature he gathered on the proper       trimming of the palm trees prior to having the palms trimmed again next year.    This owner also reported hearing a loud noise on the northeast corner of his unit, in certain wind conditions, since the new gutters were installed.    Management noted that it would probably be best to have the contractor come out and see if they can identify the problem before the warranty on labor expires. 

Owner in unit 302 reported that the center lock on their mailbox has recessed into the mailbox and during cleaning the mail often gets cleaned as well.   Richard remarked that this lock belongs to the post office and it is their responsibility to maintain.  Management will see if arrangements can be made to meet with the post man and assist them in getting this problem resolved.    This owner also asked if the palms that have fallen at various locations throughout the property will be replaced.  Management thought that the Landscaping Chairperson did have noted in her planning efforts going forward, the replacement of lost palms.  

An absentee owner has requested, through a Board member, that Management post notices before pressure washing the stairway landings as water tends to flow under their door and they would be more than willing to place at towel at the doorway if the date the pressure washing is to be done is known.    Management reported that as an excellent suggestion and will make sure notices are posted the next time pressure washing of the walkways/stairways is scheduled. 


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 6:32 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,

Karen M. Auth, LCAM #28323, Community Association Manager

Board of Directors, Hidden Harbor Owners Assn., Inc.



Hidden Harbor Owners’ Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

held on September 25, 2007, at 6:00 P.M., in the onsite Clubhouse


1. Call to order & Establishment of Quorum of Directors:

The meeting was called to order by Director, Ken Lewis.  President, Richard Marquis, Treasurer/Secretary, Sam Bovalino and Director, Robert Philbrook were in attendance via conference call/speaker phone thereby establishing a quorum of board members present and sufficient to establish a quorum for the meeting.  Director Frank Carotenuto had a conflicting engagement and was unable to attend.  Karen Auth from Reconcilable Differences, Inc. was in attendance and 6 unit owners were also present.  Director Ken Lewis was asked to chair the meeting as he was present in person and better able to facilitate communications. 


2. Approval  of minutes to April 26, 2007, Special Members’ meeting:    

Having affirmed the minutes had been read by all Board members and mailed to all unit owners, Sam Bovalino motioned to approve the minutes from the April 26th meeting.  Robert Philbrook seconded the motion; all were in favor. 


3. Financial Report:

Sam reported as of end of August 2007, the Association was operating approximately $20,000 dollars under budget primarily due to insurance expenses and cable expenses being lower than anticipated.  The Association has been able to use some of the excesses to pay for the new shed, dryer vent cleaning, new gutters and new gates for the shed area without the need for using deferred maintenance reserves or a special assessment.  Sam anticipates the Association ending the year around $23,000 dollars under budget.  He has asked Richard Marquis and Management to seek proposals on the stucco repairs needed for the exterior of the buildings.  Sam closed by saying he felt the Association was in good shape financially.  Richard Marquis motioned to accept the financial report as given.  Ken Lewis seconded the motion; all were in favor. 


4. Unfinished Business:

Ratify approval to replace broken gates at shed area: Ken Lewis motioned to approve the proposal from East Coast Fence to have the fences/gates repaired at the shed area at a cost of $1,850 dollars.  Robert Philbrook seconded the motion; all were in favor.


5. New Business:

a.  Approve “Proposed 2008 Budget” to mail to owners:  Sam Bovalino had previously sent the proposed budget to the Board members for review.  Sam stated the goal for next year’s budget was to try to keep the monthly assessment unchanged from last year’s assessment amount and the budget he has proposed for 2008 accomplishes that goal.  The Association, despite any catastrophic event, should benefit from reduced insurance premiums next year and reductions in the cable expenses for 2008.  These reductions allowed the Association to continue to fund adequate reserves for 2008 as well as an increase in the supplies/subcontractor line item in 2008 to allow for contractor help, if needed, in preparing the buildings for painting.  Sam remarked he hoped the Association would be in a financial position to begin painting of the buildings mid year 2008.  Sam also noted he did not feel it was necessary for the Association to pay for a full audit of the financial records in 2008 and proposed asking the owners to waive the audit in lieu of a financial review.  Sam called for comments on the proposed budget from the Board.  Board members were supportive of the proposed budget.  Ken Lewis motioned to mail the proposed budget to owners along with a proxy to waive the audit in lieu of a review of the 2007 financial records.  Robert Philbrook seconded the motion; all were in favor. 

b.  Fire Marshall Mandate - Re-addressing of buildings:  Management reported having met with the City of Cape Canaveral Code Enforcement Officer, Duree Alexander and Fire Inspector, Jeff Roberts, at a preliminary kick-off meeting announcing the Fire Marshall’s requirement that all buildings in the city carry a unique and identifiable building and street address.  The Fire Marshall sees this as a life safety issue.  As all owners in Hidden Harbor have the same physical street address, it takes more time for emergency/fire rescue services to locate a particular unit once they arrive on the property.  The re-addressing will also require the naming of various streets inside the Hidden Harbor property.  The city will be announcing this change to all owners in a separate mailing.  Currently the city is working with 5 condominium associations and hopes to have the re-addressing completed within on year.  The city has agreed to conduct separate workshops/meetings with the owners.   It is anticipated the Association will have to pay for building re-addressing.  It was unknown at the time of the meeting who would be responsible for paying for the street signs.  The city offered the Association the opportunity to submit recommendations for street names.  Owners should refer suggested names to the Management office. More information is anticipated.  Board members asked Management to postpone, if possible, any meetings with the city and the Association until after the first of the year.    


6. Owner Input:

a.  Approve installation of chair lift unit 612:   Richard Marquis motioned to approve the installation of the chairlift by this owner.  Florida Statute requires the Association to accommodate persons with disabilities.  A letter from the Association is required in order for the owner to obtain a permit for installation of the chairlift.  Robert Philbrook seconded the motion conditional upon the owner accepting liability for injury to any owner resulting from the installation of this chairlift.  All were in favor.   Management was asked to follow-up on the liability concern. 

b.  Unit 501 unit door/ and water intrusion problems:  Management reported repairs to the owner’s unit door have been scheduled.  The water damages in this unit are being reported by the owner as coming from unit 502.  Management and maintenance have inspected the unit.  There are water stains on the ceilings, as reported by the owner and paint is peeling off the ceiling in the hall closet.   The drywall wasn’t damaged and was dry to the touch.  The owner doesn’t occupy the unit and had no idea when the damage occurred.  Her son had stayed in the unit in December and there were no reported problems.  The owner of unit 502 has contacted Management and has offered to re-paint the areas damaged by water intrusion. The Board did not believe this was an Association issue and recommended owners maintain home owner’s insurance to financially assist them when damage results from an unexpected failure in a unit owned and maintained component, e.g. water heater, toilet, air conditioner, etc.   It is also highly recommended that owners who do not live on the property year round have a friend, family member or neighboring owner check their unit frequently to make sure there are no visible signs of problems in the unit.  Management will send a letter to the unit owner. 

c.  Unit 104 Approval to install bird feeder:   Board members, the unit owner making the request to install a bird feeder in the common area and owners in attendance at the meeting provided input on this subject.  After hearing all opinions, the Board in majority felt the installation of a bird feeder would attract unwanted squirrels and other rodents to the buildings.  Several Board members had also witnessed an increase in the number of birds and bird waste on the common property in the vicinity of building 1 and believed this was attributed to this owner feeding the birds.   Ken Lewis motioned to not approve the installation of the bird feeder on the common property.  Robert Philbrook seconded the motion; all were in favor. 


7. Schedule date for next meeting:

The date of Tuesday, October 30th, at 6:00 p.m., was set for the next Board meeting.  The Board will approve the final budget for 2008 at this meeting. 


8.  Adjournment:

With no further business to discuss Ken Lewis motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Robert Philbrook seconded the motion; all were in favor.  Prior to closing the meeting, Robert Philbrook thanked Management for a job well done putting together all of the material the Board members needed to prepare for the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Karen M. Auth, LCAM #28323, Community Association Manager

Board of Directors, Hidden Harbor Owners Assn., Inc.





Hidden Harbor Owners’ Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Special Member’s Meeting

Held on April 26, 2007, at 6:00 P.M., in the onsite Clubhouse


1.  Call to order & Establishment of Quorum of Owners:

The meeting was called to order by Richard Marquis at approximately 6:20 p.m.  There were 59 units represented by proxy and 7 units were represented in person at the meeting; establishing a quorum of owners for the meeting. Richard asked for volunteers to help count the proxies received for the proposed amendments.  Bill Allen (Unit 611), Daren Thom (Unit 108) and Sally Kelly (Unit 507) volunteered for this task.  The volunteers were asked to begin counting of the proxies/votes received.  Owners were informed that there may be a postponement of the final vote in order to allow more time for Board members to make contact with out of state owners who have not yet returned their proxies. 


2.  Proof of meeting notice having been mailed to all owners:     

Sam Bovalino confirmed that notice of the meeting was mailed to all owners on April 11, 2007. 


3.  Financial Report

Sam reported that as of the end of March, the Association was operating approximately $18,000 under budget.  He stated there are still outstanding expenses to be paid for the paving, dryer vent cleaning and the new shed. The Association is showing over $100,000.00 in an accrued prepaid insurance account to reflect the insurance premium renewal at the end of March.  Sam remarked that he is waiting for the results of the Review of the 2006 financials to be completed by the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) which should include adjustments to the prepaid figures carried over from last year.  He is hoping to have the CPA’s adjustments before the financials for the end of April are completed so there will a more accurate reflection of the accrued prepaid insurance and liability accounts as of the end of April and going forward in 2007.       

4.  Maintenance Update

Management stated onsite maintenance has completed all of the underground repairs to the irrigation system and has made the changes to the controller; aligning the zones in sequential order to allow for reduced time to perform weekly checks of the system.  Ted (onsite maintenance) still has the substantial task of verifying the heads in each zone are functioning properly and making repairs/adjustments where required. Onsite maintenance has also completed the interior concrete repairs on the porch in unit 211.  The next scheduled repair is to the interior of the porch in unit 701.   Management remarked that Ted wanted to stress these concrete repairs are quite time consuming.  He is progressing, but progress will be slow. 

 5.  Committee Reports

Landscaping Update:

Marilyn Lewis summarized the landscaping achievements thus far and those planned for the further.  Most significant was the removal of the personal plantings in front of units 105-108.  Many of the plants taken from the area were relocated to the pool area and seem to be surviving the transplant.   The two yucca plants, also removed from the 105-108 area, were deemed a potential safety problem for use around the pool area due to their pointed tips and were left transplanted to pots, donated by the owner of 105, and placed in the window sills of units 105 and 107.  The original owner of these plants has the option to remove them if it is felt they will not survive in this new environment.   The area behind unit 107 was also replenished.  Future projects will include laying new sod and mulch around the area of new landscaping, replenishing the lost foliage at the island in the pool area, relocating and replanting of the shrubs in front of the clubhouse that are not surviving to other areas on the property with similar type shrubs, replenishing the area in front of the clubhouse, relocating and replanting with taller hedge the plantings in front of 201/202 area.  She noted we have lost one of the 5 sago palms in front of building 7 and will need to consider an alternate replacement.  All of the sago palms will eventually be lost.  Lastly, she did note that the owner in Unit 210, Robert Philbrook, has contributed $50 to the landscaping fund.  He has asked that the funds be used to plant taller foliage in front of his unit along A1A where there is an existing gap.  This could easily be done by removing the small existing foliage to other areas in need and replanting larger oleanders in this area.    Mr. Philbrook was thanked for his contribution and past contributions as well.

 6.  Unfinished Business

  a. Status of A/C condensate cleanout.

Management reported of the 4 outstanding units left for cleanout, all have now been either completed or are scheduled for cleanout except unit 505.  The owner does not live on property, although that is the address of record, and the person in the unit does not respond to letters from the Association.  Management is trying to locate the address of the owner to see if the owner can assist us in any way.    

  b. Status of Dryer Vent Cleaning Project

Management reported this project is on schedule.  The contractor has completed the cleaning in the majority of units in building 1.  While working in building 1 the contractor reported to Management that some of the vents in the attic were not cut through the roof.  The roofing contractor was called to come back out and to complete the cut outs.    The existing dryer vents come together in the attic and are vented threw a single vent.  The dryer vent contractor did not feel this situation was optimal for proper air flow and was given approval to separate the vents at the attic wherever an alternate vent was available.   Richard Marquis remarked there may be a need to meet with the roofing contractor to discuss some vent concerns found in building 1.  He asked Management to hold off on contacting the roofer until the cleaning was completed in building 2 to see if there were similar concerns with that building as well. 

  c. Status of Asphalt Seal Coating Project

Sam reported the asphalt seal coating project as having been completed.  Management noted the project went relatively smoothly and thanked the owners for their cooperation. 

  d. Status of Shed Replacement

Management reported the City of Cape Canaveral Code Enforcement office would not issue a permit for the shed without relocating the shed to conform to current code requirements.  The new shed must be located 10 feet away from any permanent structure and 5 ft away from the property line.  The existing area can accommodate these requirements but the new location of the shed will make the existing gating system extremely difficult for onsite maintenance to get the tractor and trailer in and out of the shed.  Management has requested proposals from two fence contractors for new gates and fencing at both the pool side and west side of the current shed area.   

  e. Status of Gutters for 2nd Floor Balconies

Management stated the contractor hopes to start this work on Saturday.  The contractor is hoping to have two crews onsite and to complete the project in one day.  Management asked owners how they felt about contractors working on Saturday.  No one had any problems with this type work being done on Saturday.

 7.  New Business

Management read aloud the results of the voting on the proposed amendments.

  a. Results of voting - Amendment to change the date of the annual meeting.

There were 59 votes in favor of this amendment and 7 votes against this amendment.  As only 56 positive votes were needed, this amendment would pass.

  b. Results of voting - Amendment to change the number of favorable owner votes required by the By-Laws to amend the By-Laws. 

There were 50 votes in favor of this amendment and 16 votes against this amendment.  As 56 positive votes were needed, this amendment would not pass.

  c. Results of voting - Amendment to change the number of favorable owner votes required by the Articles of Incorporation to amend the Articles.

There were 50 votes in favor of this amendment and 16 votes against this amendment.  As 63 positive votes were needed, this amendment would not pass.

 At this point in the meeting the Board requested a postponement of the decision on the votes and rescheduled the meeting to May 2nd, at 6:00 p.m., to allow them more time to collect additional proxies from out of town owners.  This was immediately challenged by owners present at the meeting.   After some discussion, it was agreed a legal opinion would be sought over the matter and if the Attorney agreed with the challenge the votes as counted would stand and a notice would be posted on the bulletin boards announcing the results of the voting

 On May 1, 2007, the Board received the opinion from the Attorney and the Attorney agreed that the vote count as of the April 26th meeting should stand.   A notice postponing the May 2, 2007 meeting along with the voting results was posted on all walkway bulletin boards on the morning of May 2, 2007. 

8.  Adjournment

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Karen M. Auth, LCAM #28323,

Community Association Manager

Reconcilable Differences, Inc.

Approved by:

Board of Directors, Hidden Harbor Owners Assn., Inc.





Hidden Harbor Owners’ Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Emergency Board of Directors’ Meeting

Held on April 5, 2007, at 3:00 P.M., in the onsite Clubhouse


1.  Call to order & Establishment of Quorum of Directors:

The meeting was called to order by President, Richard Marquis at 3:00 p.m.  Treasurer/Secretary Sam Bovalino and Directors Ken Lewis, Bob Philbrook and Frank Carotenuto were also in attendance establishing a quorum of Directors for the meeting.  There were 5 unit owners in attendance and Karen Auth from Reconcilable Differences, Inc. was also in attendance. 


2.  Receive and Propose Adoption of Amendments 

The Board President and other Board members having acknowledged receipt of the proposed amendments and having received positive feedback from the Attorney these proposed amendments do not conflict with other provisions in the governing documents, Sam Bovalino motioned to adopt the proposed amendments.  Bob Philbrook seconded the motion; all were in favor.  The proposed amendments will be mailed to all owners next.    Management agreed to draft a cover letter to accompany the proposed amendments. 


 3.  Appointment of Security/Safety Committee for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Sam acknowledged that in addition to the current Board members, a couple of owners have volunteered, where their schedules permit, to assist in providing security of the units during the dryer vent cleaning. In order for these individuals to be covered under the Association’s current Fidelty Bond policy, the Board must appoint these individuals to be on a Committee.  Frank Carotenuto motioned to have Richard Kleinhans and Joe Golan named as Committee members of the Security Committee in support of the Dryer Vent Cleaning Project and named Mr. Kleinhans as the Committee Leader.  Sam Bovalino seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  An owner asked if they will be responsible for removing any items that would obstruct access to the dryers.  Management responded positively and also any items obstructing access to the attics.  It was also noted many of the dryers will be difficult to move without owners removing the bi-fold closet doors where the dryers are stored. It was recommended Management check with the company and to determine if owners will be required to remove their bi-fold doors.  Management also noted the company is now stating they can start the project on Friday, April 20th, and they will attempt to service 6 units per day.  They will work a Monday, Wednesday and Friday work week until project completion.    Frank Caratenuto asked if service would take longer if the owners’ chose to have their dryers cleaned at the same time.  Management responded the contractor is estimating between 1 to 1 ˝ hours to service each unit depending on the needs of each unit.    Management will put together a proposed schedule and give it to Mr. Kleinhans next week. 

Mr. Kleinhans has agreed to contact Board and Committee members directly and to establish who will be assigned to provide security on the scheduled dates of service. 

 4.  Schedule Date for Special Members’ Meeting

The date for the Special Members’ Meeting to vote on the proposed amendments was tentatively scheduled for April 26, 2007. 


5.  Meeting Adjournment

With no further business to discuss, Sam Bovalino motioned to adjourn the meeting at approximately 3:35 p.m.  Ken Lewis seconded the motion.  All were in favor.   


Respectfully submitted,


Karen M. Auth, LCAM #28323, Community Association Manager

Board of Directors, Hidden Harbor Owners Assn., Inc.





Hidden Harbor Owners’ Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting

Held on March 22, 2007, at 6:00 P.M., in the onsite Clubhouse


1.    Call to order & Establishment of Quorum of Directors:

The meeting was called to order by President, Richard Marquis at 6:00 p.m.  Treasurer/Secretary Sam Bovalino and Directors Ken Lewis, and Bob Philbrook were also in attendance establishing a quorum of Directors for the meeting.  Director Frank Carotenuto was unable to attend the meeting.  There were 11 unit owners in attendance and Karen Auth from Reconcilable Differences, Inc. was also in attendance.

2.    Approval of Minutes from February 13, 2007 Board of Directors’ Meeting:

Having affirmed these minutes were mailed to all owners, Richard called for a motion to approve the minutes.  Sam referenced the Documents Committee section of the minutes and noted the following revisions; the number of changes being recommended is two not three, the second change is to the Articles of Incorporation.  The Committee is recommending a change to the number of votes required to amend the Articles of Incorporation from 75% of the entire membership to 67% of all votes cast in person or by proxy at a meeting where a quorum of members is present.  The third change is to the By-Laws, under Amendment to By-Laws.  The current requirement to amend the By-Laws is an affirmative vote from not less than 2/3 of the members.  The Committee is recommending this be changed to 67% of all votes cast in person or by proxy at a meeting where a quorum of members is present.  Noting these revisions, Bob motioned to accept the minutes from the February 13, 2007 meeting as revised.  Sam seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

3.    Financial Report:

Sam reported on the year to date financials.  Currently the Association is approximately $18,000 dollars under budget but there are many expenses pending, (new shed, pavement resealing, dryer vent cleaning) that remain outstanding.  He expects actual amounts to track closer to budgeted amounts as these expenses are paid.  Bob asked about accounts in arrears.  Sam reported only four accounts were past due.  Management reported one of those accounts has been brought current and the unit owners with accounts past due have been sent copies of their statements and a letter asking them to bring their accounts current by the end of the month.  The amount in arrears is approximately $700 dollars.  Ken motioned to accept the January and February financial reports.  Richard seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

4.    Maintenance Update:

Management remarked that she felt the new maintenance man (Ted) was doing an excellent job and hoped the Board members felt the same.  Richard has provided Ted with a list of balcony and porch repairs that need to be made.  Ted is focusing first on those requiring concrete repair vs. simple stucco repairs.  He has completed the concrete repairs outside units 611 and 612 and 603.  He has started repairs to unit 211.  Maintenance has also been working on the irrigation system.  He performed a complete system check last week and located problems with zones 6 and zone 10.  He was able to fix a leak found near the valve in zone 6 today and believes there is a leak in the hydraulic line for zone 10.  Both of these zones were running constantly when the irrigation system was running, severely reducing the amount of pressure to the other zones resulting in many of the brown spots seen in the lawn.  Once Ted has full pressure to the entire system he knows he will need to replace a lot of the heads and make adjustments to existing heads.  Ted has also finished realignment of zones at the controller in order to reduce the time it takes to run a test on the system.  He will need to purchase new caps at the solenoids before he can activate these changes.  This has saved the Association the cost of having to pay an outside contractor to do this work. The Association has purchased the paint needed to begin painting the walkways and Ted is hoping, now that the A/C cleanouts are done, he can slowly integrate this project into his work schedule.  Management also noted Ted has found cracks in the exterior pool tiles near the ladder.   It is mostly aesthetic but will be an item added to his work list.   Richard remarked Ted is very conscientious about saving money for the Association.  He is shopping around for the best price on heads needed for the irrigation system and is pursuing an alternative paint product for use by owners who want to paint the interior of their balconies/porches.    Lastly, Management did state that Ted is in need of old tee shirts or towels to use as clean up rags.  Owners can leave them at the clubhouse door or inside on the table.

5.    Unfinished Business:

a.             Status of A/C Condensate Line Cleanout

Management reported having sent 22 letters to owners scheduling a make up day for cleaning of the A/C condensate lines.  The letter also noted they would be held responsible for any damages should they not be available or decline the service on this day.  We did have some owners give us keys to their unit; others simply scheduled themselves to be home at the time of service.  With the exception of units 108, 405, 505 and 611 all condensate lines have been cleaned.  Two of these owners stated they clean their own lines or have a contractor service them.  The Board expressed concern over these four units not being serviced and asked Management to send these owners another letter once again reminding them of their liability for any damages due to a blockage in the Association’s condensate line.    

b.             Status of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Management reported this service is tentatively scheduled to begin the first of May.  The contractor is recommending a Monday/Wednesday/Friday scheduling servicing 4 units a day, starting at 8:30 a.m. but is willing to adjust his schedule to best meet the needs of the Association.    He is estimating the work will take approximately 1 to 1 ˝ hours per unit.  The contractor has stated he has a large project starting this month and should know by the end of March if he will be able to start our project sooner than May 1st.  The Board discussed the oversight requirements for this contractor.  Most Board members would be heading north by the May 1st start date.  Management reported having received estimates from two security service companies.  One proposed $12.00 per hour and the other proposed $15.00 per hour.  Richard asked whether the person providing oversight needed to be bonded.  Management assumed that is why the rules require the presence of a Board member to accompany a contractor into a unit.  The Association would not want to put anyone in the position of having to defend themselves against a theft or damage accusation without proper insurance.  Richard said Beverly Gautier, of the Space Coast Condo. Assoc., expressed an interest in helping provide oversight on this project.  Owner Richard Kleinhans also volunteered to help out.  Management will discuss the bonding requirement and the cost to bond volunteers with the insurance agent.   There was a brief discussion about the sense of urgency surrounding this project.  Richard felt the Association should really try to get this work accomplished as new vents were installed when the roofs were put on and they should be checked to make sure they are all working properly. 

c.             Status of Maintenance Shed

Management reported the delay in getting the new shed has been because the City of Cape Canaveral does not allow condominium associations to apply for a permit.  They are requiring Superior Sheds to complete a form authorizing Hidden Harbor to apply for the permit and Superior Sheds must provide the specifications for the shed, a copy of their license which must specifically state “installation of sheds” on it and proof of liability and workers compensation policies. The City of Cape Canaveral will require $105 dollars for the permit and a plan review.  In addition, the costs for the dumpster to dispose of the old shed will run between $300 and $400 dollars.  After speaking with our representative from Superior Sheds this week, they have applied for the new license and are hoping to mail all of the paperwork required by the city to Management by the end of this week.  If so, Management hopes to apply for the permit next week.  Superior Sheds said to expect one to two weeks for delivery of the new shed and they will not place the order until we have the permit. Bob stated he will only be in Florida for about another week so if there is something he can do to assist in getting the old shed emptied and ready for the new shed to let him know.  Management also noted someone will have to file a notice of commencement with the county.  The Notice of Commencement must be filed within one week of final inspection of the shed.  Sam volunteered to file the Notice of Commencement.

    d.        Status of Insurance Renewal

Sam reported having signed the insurance renewal last week and our new policies with Statewide Insurance will go into effect on March 25, 2007.  The total premium, excluding workers compensation and flood insurance came to $105, 307.10 and is approximately $7,900 dollars under the amount budgeted for the year.  Richard asked whether the Association could expect any credits back on this premium.  Sam responded all mitigation credits have been applied to this premium.  Management stated she did make contact with the Association’s insurance agent this week asking whether the article in Florida Today last weekend announcing rate decreases from Citizens Insurance would apply to Hidden Harbor.  The agent said he had not yet received a letter of explanation from Citizens Insurance regarding this announcement but would keep us informed of any changes.

    e.    Status of Resealing Asphalt

Management reported having spoken to the contractor this week.  They have completed the patch repairs and plan to meet with Management next week to discuss their planned approach for this project.  The contractor estimated it would be one to two weeks following this meeting before starting the project.  The contractor did note the plan allows for alternate sections of the parking lot to be available to owners at all times throughout the project.  Sam stated he was going to speak with the contractor to see if he would include the clubhouse parking area in the project.  The current contract doesn’t specifically address this area but if the rest of the property is being done, this area should be considered.  Sam stated the contractor did give us a price break of $300 dollars on the current contract so he is not sure how much the contractor will be willing to negotiate on the price for the clubhouse area.  An owner noted the contractor had patched an area in the driveway which is clearly Costa del Sol property.  Sam mentioned he had talked with a Board member at Costa del Sol and recommended they have portions of their driveway and parking areas shared by Hidden Harbor done at the same time.  He hasn’t heard whether they decided to go through with that or not but the contractor is aware of the boundary lines between Hidden Harbor and Costa del Sol.

    f.    Status of Amendments to the Documents

Management had presented typed copies of the proposed limited proxies for the amendments to the documents to the Board and Committee members for review. Sam noted the only change was a minor typing error “case to cast” and that both the Articles of Incorporation and By-Law changes relating to votes required to amend would be changed to 67% of all votes cast in person or by proxy at a meeting where a quorum of members is present.  With those changes noted, Bob motioned to send the proposed amendments to the Attorney for review.  Ken seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  Bob suggested when sending these proxies to the owners the Association should consider including a postage paid envelope making it easier for owners to respond.  This was thought to be an excellent suggestion and Bob motioned to mail a postage paid envelope with the limited proxy mailing to all owners.  Ken seconded the motion. All were in favor. The Board decided it would hold an emergency meeting once the Attorney has approved the limited proxies for the single purpose of making a motion to send the proposed document amendments to the owners.

6.    New Business

    a.    Purchase of Gutters above 2nd Floor Balconies

Richard stated that wind driven rain and run off from the roofs is getting into the balconies and the balconies are beginning to fall apart.  He believed the Association needed to do something to minimize water getting into the balconies.  He reviewed the quote received from Gale Insulation.  This contractor proposed three options.  The first option would include the installation of 5 inch gutters across the entire back of each building for a cost of $9,032 dollars.  The second option would include the installation of gutters along the two small sides and one long side of each balcony and deflectors at the ends where the balcony and building meet for a cost of $5,672 dollars. The third option would include gutters only on the long side of the balcony and deflectors at the ends where the balcony and building meet for a cost of $4,642.00.  Richard felt the second option should provide a suitable solution to the problem.  Sam believed there would be money in the operating account to pay for this work. There was a brief discussion as to whether an owner vote would be needed to perform this action as it could be considered an addition to the existing property.  The Board members felt this should be considered preventive maintenance for the property and not an addition and therefore did not feel a vote of the members was required.  Board members did however feel another competitive bid should be obtained.  Management agreed to work with Richard in obtaining a second proposal. In order to expedite the process once a second bid was received, Bob motioned to approve the purchase and installation of gutters at a price not to exceed $5,672 dollars.  Ken seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  An owner reported that all of the water from his balcony runs off the north side of the roof because the roof is pitched that way.  It was felt by all Board members the gutters, once installed, should prevent water from getting into this owner’s balcony regardless of the direction the water is coming from. 

b.        Attorney Opinion (Windows/Doors/Sliding Doors) Who is responsible?

Management reported having received an opinion from the Attorney on the matter of who is responsible for maintenance, repair and replacement of the windows, doors and sliding doors in the units.  The Attorney stated the documents place ownership for keeping the windows cleaned and for maintaining the interior portion of the unit’s front door on the owner.  Maintenance repair and replacement of all three items is the responsibility of the Association.  This is a new opinion as prior Boards have informed owners replacement of the windows and sliding doors is the owner’s responsibility.  Ken’s opinion was that either way the owner pays, either through assessments by the Association or on their own.  Sam felt, due the financial implications this opinion has on the Association’s budget, it may be worth getting a vote from the owners to amend the documents to transition the ownership for maintenance, repair and replacement for the windows and sliding glass doors to the owners and recommended the Board table this item until the results of the proposed document changes are known.  The Board agreed with his recommendation and also recognized there would be a need to develop specifications for windows and sliding doors and a process for approving all new installations to ensure the outer appearance of the buildings is retained.

    c.    Covenant/Rule Enforcement

Richard thanked owners in attendance for reading the special notice that was mailed to all owners and adhering to the rules cited.  He has noticed substantial improvement around the dumpster areas.  People are breaking down their boxes as asked.  He did however note he has not seen much improvement in people picking up after their pets.  He stressed that owners witnessing such behavior should bring the owners name or unit number to Management’s attention and promised their names would not be mentioned.

7.    Owner Input:

An owner asked whether the solar panels are working and whether the system was turned on because the water was 62 degrees two weekends ago.  Management reported there was a problem with the system leaking around that timeframe but repairs were made immediately, otherwise the system has been turned on and running for several months.  This same owner reported seeing ripples in the tennis courts.  Management agreed to contact the company that did the resurfacing.

An owner, having heard the issue regarding the unit owners who have not allowed the Association access to clean the A/C condensate line, recalled having to obtain a rider policy from his insurance company, in the Associations name, when he wanted to install a water bed in a second story unit.   This rider policy provided assurances that the Association would be compensated for any damages should his water bed spring a leak.  He recommended the Board consider similar action for these unit owners. The Board thanked this owner for his input and recommended that Management include this requirement in the letter being mailed to these owners.

Board members had received a letter from owner in unit 104 requesting the board consider obtaining proposals for new windows at their next meeting.  The proposal should include windows with and without shutters.   The owner would be willing to assist in obtaining these proposals.  Management stated the owner had hoped to attend the meeting but had a conflict.  The owner reported her unit and other units in her building had water intrusion during Hurricane Jeanne, have air coming through the windows and lots of noise from Graham’s across the street.  Also, there may be cost savings on insurance if all windows are replaced to code.  The Board tabled this item pending the outcome of the owners vote to amend the documents and their desire for future amendments regarding the ownership for replacing windows.

8.    Set date for next scheduled meeting:

The next meeting date will be set when approval of the limited of proxies is obtained from the Attorney.

9.    Meeting Adjournment:

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Karen M. Auth, LCAM #28323, Community Association Manager

Board of Directors, Hidden Harbor Owners Assn., Inc.