Hidden Harbor

Minutes of the of the
Hidden Harbor Board of Directors
On May 11, 2017, in the onsite clubhouse
*Informational Gathering

Call to Order: Bill Allen called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Establishment of Quorum: Board members present were Bill Allen-President, Mary Dillon-Vice President. Director Butch VanGraafeiland was present via speakerphone. Sam Bovalino-Treasurer/Secretary and Directors Butch VanGraafeiland, Frank Carotenuto and Ken Lewis were not able to attend. Kathy Watts represented Dragon Property Management.

Since there was not a quorum for a meeting, no minutes were approved and this became just an information gathering.

Old Business: Porch frames: Three porches have been replaced and the association is compiling a list of the porches in need of replacement.

Dryer vent cleaning: The cleaning was completed and only two units were denied access. The owners of those units will now were responsible for their cleaning.

Condominium document revision update: The revision has been received from the attorney and will be mailed to all owners as soon as it’s review by the Board. Management was given the authorization to proceed with the proxy/vote set up and we hope to have it ready for mailing by the end of May.

Structure inspection: Keystone Engineering inspected the porch structure integrity and will be sending a report.

Berm grading: Greener Seasons was contracted to level the berm caused by the uprooted fichus tree.

Fencing around sprinkler pumps: Carries Fence has been contracted to replace the fencing around the sprinkler pumps, the building 6 recycling fencing and repair the posts at the pool equipment fence. The project is scheduled for May 17th.

New Business: Attic security: Any owner concerned about attic security will be allowed to install a slide bolt or hook & eye to secure the panel.

Announcements: -Movie Night” will be held on the last Thursday of the month which will continue in October. The featured movie will be posted on the bulletin boards by the pool and west side of the clubhouse.

Next Board Meeting: The next scheduled Board meeting will be the 2nd Thursday of the month starting September 14, 2017.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watts
Kathy Watts, CMCA, LCAM
Dragon Property Management
Board of Directors, Hidden Harbor Owners Association, Inc.