Camelot Residence’s Association, Inc.
Board of Director’s Meeting
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
6 pm

Meeting was called to order by Todd St. Louis, President, at 6:00 pm.

Present were:  President Todd St. Louis, Treasurer Kim Lucks, Secretary Bill Silvernail, and Richard Wilson.  

Minutes from the October 2016 board meeting were approved unanimously by members present.  Motion made by Kim Lucks and seconded by Bill Silvernail.

President Todd St. Louis advised that the resident manager responsibilities included sending noted violations of Camelot documents directly to the Fine Committee without delay. The Fine Committee would then have the responsibility to inform the Board of any recommendation course of action. 

President St. Louis presented matter of complaints that have been received from some residents about the manner that Camelot employees are handling problems and addressing daily issues.  Decision was made to have Executive Session prior to next monthly meeting to discuss Camelot employee positions and performance.  All board members present were in favor of proceeding with Executive Session to discuss matter.  

Financials were presented by Treasurer Kim Lucks, who advised that the reserves continue to be funded in accordance with requirements.

Maintenance Supervisor Mike Barnes advised that they were still awaiting concrete work to be completed.  Additionally, the landscaping company still was operating below standard. were received from Coomer Concrete and Sun Concrete companies.    Three vehicles were towed in accordance with posted policy.  Repair of three roof caps is scheduled for Friday with a general contractor to complete repairs.

Board members Wilson and Silvernail were requested to draft a list of manager duties and responsibilities to be reviewed and considered for approval at the next regular board meeting.  

Property Community Association Manager Kathy Watts reported that five more resident owners were financially delinquent and notices were sent. 

New Business:

Annual Meeting was set for Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 2 pm.  Location to be finalized at the next regular board meeting.

Next BOD meeting date:  Wednesday, January 11, 2017, at 6 pm; Regular Board Meeting

Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn was made by Richard Wilson.  Seconded by Kim Lucks.
Meeting ended - 6:25 pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Bill Silvernail